Are you craving for some South Indian cuisine but can’t find one? We will help you locate the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne where you can gorge on some yummy idlis and uthappams.


Indians living in abroad find it difficult to stay without their favourite Indian delicacies and can’t help but miss them. This is where Dosa Hut came into existence.


About Dosa Hut


Dosa Hut is a brainchild of two individuals who came to study in Australia and ended up creating this brand through which they could reach out too many Indians and Australians who wished to relish this cuisine. The reason behind this was to serve Indian food in one of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne.


There are a few things you should know about this best Indian restaurant in Melbourne


Great chefs


Dosa Hut has some great chefs who make this restaurant so popular among the consumers. We use all the traditional spices and flavours from South Indian states of India to get its distinctive taste.


Type of food served


Not only do we offer south Indian cuisine but few more Indian specialities. We offer Indian popular dishes such as Biryani, Indo Chinese and Chat.


Excellent Service and friendly staff


A restaurant is not only known for the food it offers but also known for its service and staff. Our staff is co-operative, quick and alert. Being friendly, they are known for their cordial gestures and their soft skills.


Services offered


Dosa Hut suffices the need of all their customers and hence they are always the first choice. We have fine dine-in, pick-up and takeaway services. We also offer catering services to people who like to host grand parties.




The primary reason why consumers choose Dosa Hut is because of its affordability. Our motto is to cater to a larger group of consumers who crave for Indian food at reasonable rates.


Visit Dosa Hut– the best Indian restaurant in Melbourne to give your taste buds a relishing experience. Call us to know more about our services.

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