The uniqueness of Indian food lies in its varieties and preparation techniques. North Indian cuisine is one of the most popular food houses when it comes to Indian food. Just like tandoor dishes, saag curries are also extremely adored. However, saag is not a cooking style but signifies the use of green leafy vegetables. The mixture of leafy vegetables like spinach, fenugreek and mustard leaves makes for a saag! These days saag is combined with many other ingredients which has given rise to many different saag curries. Usually, people opine that leafy vegetables are boring to binge on but with saag dishes you are sure to love your green leafy vegetables like never before. These curries are not just delicious but are also filled with a number of important nutrients. Mixed in aromatic spices, saag curries are a must-try. Gorge on finger-licking North Indian dishes at an Indian restaurant in Robertson. Here are some tummy-filling saag curries which will impress you.


Chicken Saag


The combination of green leafy vegetables and chicken is interesting to no ends. The chicken saag curry consists of marinated chicken chunks and green leafy vegetables in a gravy form. The two elements are mixed together with a brilliant mix of spices. Aromatic to the core, chicken saag curry is best eaten with Indian bread. Chicken saag is medium spicy and is perfect for meals.


Goat Saag


Traditionally known as saag gosht, goat saag is another version of saag curry. This particular curry is a mixture of green leafy vegetables in a gravy form and chunks of goat meat. Ideal for a meal, this particular curry needs anempty stomach because it is quite rich in its taste and ingredients!


Lamb Saag


Even lamb saag is referred to as saag gosht. If you are looking out for some comfort food then this curry is the best to binge on. Slightly spicy in taste as compared to other curries, this particular dish is similar to other saag preparations but with the addition of lamb. Pair up this curry with some curd to balance out the spiciness.

Enjoy fantastic saag recipes at an Indian restaurant in Robertson.

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