The five Indian states namely Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, and Kerala encompasses the whole of the southern region. The south Indian cuisine is largely influenced by cultural influence. You will find a great difference in the food even in these five states. With vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies, all these regions have variety in to offer in main dishes, snacks, drinks and desserts.


Style of Food


South Indian food is mainly centred around rice or rice-based dish considering the vast cultivation of rice in these areas. Rice is accompanied by lentil soups called sambar or rasam. One can relish on meat dishes and sea-food and on tasty coconut-based chutneys. Along the coastal regions of Karnataka and Kerala, one can find a host of sea-food dishes which are mouth-watering. As long as beverages are concerned, filter coffee is the most favourite and commonly found drink in these states.


Staple Foods


South Indian food is incomplete without rice in some of the other form. Steamed Idlis, Dosas or Uttapams are all made from rice batter. These fermented dishes are ideally eaten for breakfast and is wholesome food. While meals are generally served with rice and sambar.


Common Cooking Oils


With the easy availability of coconut oil, this oil is commonly used for cooking and frying. Ghee which is generously poured over rice constitutes an important part in the times of festivities


Important Spices and Ingredients


South Indian cuisine makes the most use of spices as compared to any other cuisine. Spices are a vital part which adds favours to all the delicacies.


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